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My Latest Obsession: Miniature Clothes

I know. My last post was about a baby shower and the one before that was a maternity shoot. But I don’t want anyone getting any ideas. My hubs and I aren’t getting on the baby train any time soon. When you reach a certain age, all your friends are having babies. I resisted the urge to engage for a long time, but the closer the preggo friend, the more you want to do nice things for her (and the more you want to be SUPER involved in the baby’s life).
It all started when I wanted to make a quilt for the babe (who is yet to make an appearance, but is ready to do so at any moment). I asked the parents for old clothes I could use to cut up, ’cause, you know, memories and such. Well, R&A couldn’t come up with any clothes they were willing to part with, so I did the next logical thing. I told myself “Hey, I’ll just make some baby clothes and use the fabric from that to make the quilt!” What’s more work, right?
I decided a long time ago that pink baby clothes for girls was just so blah. I love seeing babies in unexpected, sophisticated colors. It adds a different dimension to them. I went for bold colors matched with some black and white. I think the end result turned out great! First, I selected an adorable plaid, because PLAID, and let those colors dictate the rest. I also used a lot of fabrics which were leftover from the wedding, like this charming tomato red for the coat.
I also had these custom tags made. Love, love!
The best part about sewing baby clothes is being creative with the finishing techniques. You can’t have anything scratchy on the inside – babies don’t like that, so you have to make everything super smooth and perfect. Another great thing about baby clothes is that you can make them pretty quickly, about 3 hours for each dress.
Here are the patterns I used:


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