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Patchwork Quilt Tutorial


Remember a couple months posts ago when I showed you those awesome baby clothes I made for Baby Woodchuck? Well, I also made her a quilt!


See, this is how it all got started. I wanted to make the quilt, so I asked Roman & Alaina if they had any old clothes so the quilt with be like fabric memories. R&A being travelers, they naturally aren’t pack-rats, so they didn’t have anything I could take and cut up. That when I decided “Fine, if they won’t provide memories, I make them.” That’s when I decided to make the baby clothes and the quilt out of the same fabric. Problem solved.





You can see the various fabrics I used here and on that previous blog post:





But not all the fabrics are from baby clothes. I did have fabric from one of Alaina’s dress, because she was a bridesmaid in my wedding.





So was Krystal, whose fabric also made it into the quilt.





And don’t forget the wrap around my bouquet and napkins:





So all in all, you can tell I think the most important part of any quilt is that it means something to someone! Also, you can see on the back of the quilt, I sewed together some bamboo swaddlers so the quilt will be extra soft.


Use a rotary cutter and a 9″ 60 degree triangle ruler to cut out your triangles. I used about 12 different fabrics and cut out about 8 triangles of each fabric.





Lay out your triangles according to your taste. I chose to steer clear of putting like colors and patterns close together. The triangles were in rows of 10 across and I made 9 rows.





Once you have your pattern set out, very carefully gather up you triangles in an order you would understand. Start sewing the triangles together one row at a time. Once your rows are sewed iron down the seems. Sew together the rows, then iron down those seems.


Lay down the back of the the quilt, then low out the batting on top of it. Make sure the batting reaches the edges of the back and front of your quilt, if not exceeds them. Lay the top of your quilt on top of the batting, then carefully pin all over the quilt to keep it in place. Using quilting tape to measure, I used my sewing machine to sew straight lines onto the whole quilt.


I cut around the quilt any excess batting. I took binding I bought from the store, and pinned it to the edges of the quilt, paying special attention to the corners. I topstiched all the way around. And then it was done. I finished the quilt.




Seems simple enough, but it is a lot of monotonous work. I hope little Woodchuck likes it, and as her father says “tracks it through mud and store her secret snacks in it.” That’s what Baby quilts are for, right?

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