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Bags Are Packed



I’ve been debating whether I should write an update post. The last few weeks have been ones for the record books. It’s been so hard, and I’m so tired of feeling negative and whiny. I caught the worst cold I have ever had in my life with one of the worst coughs I’ve ever experienced in my life. I don’t even know how I caught the cold as I’m pretty much house-bound at this point (I have developed a lovely pregnancy symptom called SPD that is painful enough on it’s own, but also affects my CP a good deal. Google SPD at your own risk.). Anyway, this cold lasted a full two weeks, and whenever I would lie down I’d get the sensation of needing to cough, and when I say cough think fog horn from my throat spewing up stuff you don’t want to see or hear about.


So yeah, this cold is not allowing me to get any sleep which causes my whole body to swell, the swelling makes my CP-ridden legs ache, and in the middle of it all I’m so bored I actually cry. I CRY BECAUSE I’M BORED! Imagine that. The only people I see are my husband and my doctors. I’m an extrovert people, and I know we live in the wilderness, but if you have a heart you’ll visit. For the love, I need some company. No, I can’t come to you. It’s too painful to drive or be anywhere else than my home, so do me a solid and just come over.


Anyway, last night my body was so swollen I could not bend my legs. It was making everything hurt, and I was about to walk into my OB’s office and demand he induce me into labor. I know it sounds extreme, but I’m 36 weeks along, the baby is just gaining fat at this point and I was completely desperate. Well, what do you know, last night I got a perfect, uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep. I mostly feel amazing, I’m not swollen and I feel ready to take on a project or something crazy like that. Perhaps the cold was given to me as something I needed to get through to make the rest of pregnancy a little more bearable.


All right, so because I was pretty sure all the pain would just send me into labor (I was actually having contractions all last weekend), we made sure to get our poop in a group as far as our hospital bags were concerned. Obviously, I’m by no means an expert here, but after tons of research and asking friends, this is the master list I came up with.




1. Neutrogena Makeup Remover – I hear that after having a baby, you just want to feel human again, and these little wipes I always find very refreshing.

2. Deordorant, for both you and your husband

3. Shower cap (just in case I feel the need to take multiple showers)

4. Body wash and loofah

5. Toothpaste and toothbrush for BOTH of you

6. Shampoo and conditioner

7. Makeup bag – I was not sold on this one at first, but then my friend Laura reminded me about the hospital photographer… yikes! Yep, definitely need makeup.

8. Blowdryer, curling iron and brush – again, the photographer.

9. Robe – this might better suit someone in for their labor bag, but since I’ll be having an epidural I’m thinking this should just go in the hospital bag? We’ll see.

10. Yoga pants – I’m bringing 2 pairs: 1 pair of maternity yoga pants and 1 pair of my old, worn regular yoga pants. Not sure which one will fit.

11. 2 Jessica Simpson Lace Trim Ruched Clip Down Nursing Camis – I’ve been wearing these now, and they are fantastic. I have never been able to wear a cami with a built-in bra without a bra. These camis are like built-in bra magic.

12. Glasses – I told Matt that before we leave for the hospital I need to put my contact lenses in, because if I fall asleep during labor (it happens!) I don’t want my glasses to make my ears hurt. It’s the important things.

13. Reading material – everyone says I need reading material, because I’ll be bored? I don’t really read books, except books I need to read, so I figure I’ll bring along Eat Sleep Poop.

14. Slippers

15. Bump in the Night Relaxed Fit Maternity Pajama Set – most comfortable jammies ever. EVER.

16. Lanolin, Lanisoh nursing pads and Lanisoh Soothies Gels – cause boobs.

17. Boppy – in case I need some extra help in the nursing department.

18. Mother’s Milk Tea – This is supposed to help your milk drop. Beer is also supposed to help your milk drop. Perhaps we’ll bring one of those too.

19. Quarters for vending machines

20. Depends – I saw the pad things they give you in the hospital, better bring Depends.

21. Computers for both of us

22. Camera

23. Baby’s going home outfit

24. Ultimate Receiving Blanket and Aden & Anais Swaddlers – I saw the receiving blankets at Kaiser, and they aren’t even those classic striped ones. They have bunnies on them or something ugly.

25. Orbit Baby Car Seat – I know it seems obviously, but the hospital will not let you take the baby home unless you have a car seat in your car (not your hospital bag, obvi), so make sure it’s installed.


It’s important to note that your hospital overnight bag is different from your labor bag. We don’t need a TON of stuff for labor since I’ll be strapped to the hospital bed for an epidural, but here’s the list of things we will be bringing:

2 of my own pillows

Food for Matt

A pair of socks

Massage oil (for my legs)

Phone chargers

A headband

Lip balm

Music maybe? I’m not one to just listen to music for the heck of it. I really hope the TV has regular television broadcasting or something.

Matt’s swim shorts (hopefully I’ll be able to take a shower before the epidural, but I’ll probably need Matt’s help)

Call list (family, bosses and close friends)


So that’s it! Did you include something else on your list? Tell me about it!


  1. EvY says

    All I did during recovery was eat, nurse, and try to sleep. I had no strength or desire to shower or look anything but reality: tired new mommy. I lived in my socks and sleep nursing bra (target: trust me, you NEED) and the hospital issue gown. I made no attempt to put Alice in anything but the stuff the hospital gave us until we were going home and I put her in a cute pj thing. When we left I put on the nursing camisole and yoga pants and flip flops (swollen feet) and that was the first real clothes I had worn in days. This experience did make the first shower at home the best shower of my life.

    I wish I would have brought my nursing pillow, it was ridiculous trying to prop her up with the hospital pillows. I would suggest bring an eye mask and earplugs too, hospital lighting and noise made sleeping impossible (or the crying newborn, not sure).

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