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Easy Russian Swaddle Tutorial (VIDEO!)



Before the birth of our son, my husband and I took all the classes (he even accompanied me to a breastfeeding class!). The first class we went to was called Baby Care Basics. Most of the information was really helpful, but when the instructor began talking about swaddling, I raised an eyebrow. She said that swaddling your baby can be dangerous. The tightness around a baby’s hips can cause hip dysplasia, and the only safe alternative was the Halo Sleep Sack, which keeps the baby’s hips loose.


I was aghast. I mean, women have been swaddling their babies since the beginning of time. This woman has got to be off her rocker, right? Well, maybe? I mean, I’m not a medical professional or anything, but… yep, she’s crazy. At least that’s what I thought.


For those who read my post about my birth story, you know that the way my son entered the world was not exactly natural or beautiful. Well, the rough start didn’t end there. Breastfeeding was beyond frustrating. Not only did my milk not come in for 5 days, G-d didn’t give me the right equipment to help my kid get a good latch. Also, after a C-Section if you think you’re going to be getting up to swaddle your baby, change his diaper and take adorable pictures, think again.


I’m so grateful for my husband who was right there, learning all he could from the nurses about how to care for his child. He became a master at the diaper change, but the swaddle thing he wasn’t getting down. Finally, after the upteenth time of trying to get this kid to breastfeed (and knowing it wasn’t going to happen, because there was no milk), the lactation consultant on duty came by to lend me the hospital grade breast pump. While she was there my husband asked if she could please swaddle the baby, because we had both proven miserable failures. That’s when she said “Oh, let me show you the Russian Swaddle! I’ve never been able to get down the traditional swaddle either. This one is so much easier!” And it was. Best of all, this new swaddle kept the hips loose and mimicked the restriction of the Halo Sleep Sack.



I knew I wanted to blog about the Russian Swaddle, and figured there must be videos and diagrams all over the internet. No dice. Well, there was one dark video, but the instructions were missing a few steps. That’s why I made my own video. I hope this will be helpful for those new parents who are at a loss when it comes to swaddling. It’s much easier than the traditional swaddle, and helps to get the blanket really tight around baby’s arms. I’m no expert, but I know this tutorial will also be helpful for those who worry about causing hip dysplasia in your little ones. You’ll notice my son is laughing and cooing throughout the whole thing. No, he wasn’t just in a good mood. He just gets really excited when I swaddle him – and is also a ham for the camera. šŸ™‚


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