Month: June 2016

NC Dining Room

My North Carolina Dining Room

Hey, so you want to see my house?! I thought you might. Today on parade we have my dining room, which was actually the first room to be put together – probably because it’s the simplest? In North Carolina, people typically have a formal dining room and an eat-in kitchen. The formal dining room is usually hardly used. Well, I didn’t want that to be the case. We do use out formal dining room at least once a week for Shabbat.

Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake

You know what happens this weekend? Shavuot – that time of year when Jews who are hopelessly lactose intolerant pump themselves full of cheesecake and stay up all night – not unlike an 11-year-old’s birthday sleep over. In Judaism it is known as the day that Moses came down the mountain with the 10 commandments. In Christianity it is known as Pentacost – when God sent the Holy Spirit. Both are about revelation, but I to be honest I really don’t know what revelation has to do with eating dairy. My family has been on a long journey – one I can barely understand how we withstood. Our lives have changed drastically. It’s not just the baby and the move. Everything about living in North Carolina is different than California – and by different I mean better… mostly. Yeah, it’s cheaper to live here, and we definitely have more space. That was a given. But there are several things we didn’t necessarily know would be the case. Time. It’s odd, but I feel like we …