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Kris Kringlestein the New Chanukah Darling?

Kris Kringlestein the new Chanukah Darling?

Okay, everyone. Thanksgiving is over, and it’s officially time to get in the Chanukah spirit! So now is the time to deck the halls with boughs of, um, challah? Be sure to get all your Chanukah shopping done early so you won’t miss out on those amazing sock, underwear and savings bond deals! And who doesn’t love those Chanukah caroling favorites like Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel, and Ā well, there’s that Adam Sandler song, I guess? Right, so Chanukah may be lacking in the jolly department. After all, it’s not the most important Jewish holiday. But don’t you wish there was some kind of yuletide fun for the Jews to enjoy too? Well, let me introduce you to Kris Kringlestein.

Kris Kringlestein the new Chanukah Darling?

Kris Kringlestein doesn’t sit on a bench and judge the mitzvot of your kids. In fact, his only job is to bring Chanukah joy to your family with a little song and dance number that is not only cute, but catchy too!

Kris Kringlestein the new Chanukah Darling?

Just press his left hand, and his hips will begin to sway and his song about Chanukah joy will start. Your kids will love it. Trust me, my 1.5 year old has played it several times. Over, and over, and over again. And over again. Again and again, lol!

Kris Kringlestein the new Chanukah Darling?

A little bit of Tevye, a little bit of Mel Brooks and a whole lot of Eugene Levy, Kris Kringlestein will add the yiddishkeit you’ve maybe been missing in your home. It should be noted, however, this is not a kid’s toy. It’s more of a put-it-on-your-mantle Chanukah decoration with some flair.

Kris Kringlestein the new Chanukah Darling?

Finally, a holiday tradition tradition your kids can actually relate to! In fact, I’m pretty sure my son thought Kris Kringlestein looked like his grandfather (maybe it’s the beard?). This is also a good cross-over product for families that celebrate both Christmas and Chanukah. Want a demo? Check out this video!

How did I find out about Kris Kringlestein? Instagram! That’s right, @kriskringlestein is his active account where you’ll see Kris in all sorts of funny situations. Be sure to follow. šŸ™‚

You can order your very own here.

Oh, and be sure to tell your friends about Kris Kringlestein and pin the pic below!

Kris Kringlestein the new Chanukah Darling?

I was given free product for this blog post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Yael T (Jewish Latin Princess) says

    hysterical Miri, I’m going to go follow this xoxo

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