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Toddler-Proof Holiday Decorations Tutorial

Toddler-Proof Holiday Decorations Tutorial

I’m pretty stoked that Chanukah collides with Christmas this year. That fact that Chanukah arrives so late means that we can enjoy a “Chanukah Season,” and put up festive decorations for the entire month. I recently bought a beautiful, authentic mid-century sideboard for the entryway at the Raleigh Flea Market. The sideboard is the perfect setting for a Chanukah display. One problem: we have a toddler, and he can reach the top of it. I needed to figure out some toddler-proof holiday decorations, stat!

How to UpCycle Vintage Fur

How to Upcycle Vintage Fur

Confess. Do you have grandma’s fur coat hung up in a closet somewhere in your house? You can’t just wear it around – it’s fur, REAL FUR. What if someone tried to splash you with red paint or something? Plus, you don’t condone the murder of beautiful animals for the sake of fashion. On the other hand, this belonged to your grandmother, Bubbe, Me-Maw, Nana even. It was special to her and expensive, not to mention it made her look like the toast of the town back in the day. I took a few weeks off blogging for the holidays, and, oh yeah, WE MOVED! Like, we moved across the country, moved. It’s taken a little while for me to find my bearings, so I’ve been silent on the blog for a bit. Yep, East-Coasters-R-Us! Don’t worry, I have a backlog of blog posts to share with you guys, so I am not short of content for the next few months. Before we left, I came across a post in one of the SoCal mommy …

My Latest Obsession: Miniature Clothes

I know. My last post was about a baby shower and the one before that was a maternity shoot. But I don’t want anyone getting any ideas. My hubs and I aren’t getting on the baby train any time soon. When you reach a certain age, all your friends are having babies. I resisted the urge to engage for a long time, but the closer the preggo friend, the more you want to do nice things for her (and the more you want to be SUPER involved in the baby’s life).

It all started when I wanted to make a quilt for the babe (who is yet to make an appearance, but is ready to do so at any moment). I asked the parents for old clothes I could use to cut up, ’cause, you know, memories and such. Well, R&A couldn’t come up with any clothes they were willing to part with, so I did the next logical thing. I told myself “Hey, I’ll just make some baby clothes and use the fabric from that to make the quilt!” What’s more work, right?

DIY Painted Candle Holders Tutorial

Do you see all the beautiful pictures of parties and weddings on Pinterest and pine to put on something swank? Or perhaps you want to do something really special for a loved one like a fun and personal party, yet your wallet is telling you a different tale? Thank Heavens you ended up on my blog and it’s DIY Wednesday! Today we are going to make some painted candle holders, and they are totally cute. šŸ™‚ I bought vases from from the dollar store ($1 each, of course), a can of white spray paint, also of a dollar, some left over yarn I had in craft supplies, and some tea light candles I had on hand. So all in all, making 6 Candle holders cost me $7. Easy, easy stuff! What you will need: Tall vases you can fit a votive candle in Yarn Spray paint Votive candles Take the yarn and tie it once around as tight as you can with a sturdy knot. Then tightly wrap the yarn around the vase until you …