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LuLaRoe Noir Collection: What My Customers Should Know

LuLaRoe Noir Collection: What My Customers Should Know

Okay LuLaRoe customers. Let’s talk about the LuLaRoe Noir Collection. I took pre-order requests. My spreadsheet was carefully put together with care. It wasn’t a lot, but it was a big deal to my customers, and when they win, I win. Like the majority of LuLaRoe retailers, I did not get any pieces of the Noir collection when it was released, but when the LuLaRoe Noir Collection pieces just showed up as available on Wednesday night, I was able to snag a good amount. Unfortunately, we later learned that the last-minute availability was in fact a computer glitch, and those orders were cancelled.

S'mores Sufganiyot

S’mores Sufganiyot (Chanukah Donuts)

S’mores are everyone’s favorite summertime treat. Unfortunately, most marshmallows are not kosher, and for years s’more have been off-limits for kosher-keepers. Well, there are some kosher marshmallows on the market now, but did you know that marshmallow fluff has always been kosher? It’s pretty simple to make, and is great for fluffernutters, and, oh yeah, s’mores sufganiyot. What a time to be alive!

Samoa Sufganiyot

Samoa Sufganiyot (Chanukah Donuts)

We’re quite a few month out from Girl Scout Cookie Season, but there’s no reason we can’t enjoy our favorite flavors throughout the year. I received a box of goodies from Crafted Kosher, and in it were these divine (and I mean DIVINE) Cocomels. They are parve (non-dairy) caramels (though they are made on dairy equipment). I also got a bar of Hammonds Dark Chocolate, and thought I could use it to make some chocolate pastry cream – yum! Samoa Sufganiyot were the first new creations that came to my mind, and I seriously have no regrets. To die for.

AllSpice Blueberry Sufganiyot

AllSpice Blueberry Sufganiyot (Chanukah Donuts!)

When it comes to comfort food, creativity is often best left on the back-burner. Sufganiyot (traditional Chanukah Jelly Donuts), on the other hand, is the perfect traditional Jewish dish where your imagination can and should run wild. It’s true, blueberry and allspice are not often spoken in the same sentence, much less the same recipe, but these AllSpice Blueberry Sufganiyot will truly knock your socks off.