Month: March 2011

Etsy is Blowing Up!!!

Well, maybe not blowing up, but man the traffic for my Etsy shop has been off the charts!  If you’re a contributor to that, I really appreciate it.  Perhaps it is just the season, or maybe it’s the fancy new camera, or maybe both.  Either way, I’m taking new pics of my headbands today.  šŸ™‚ Everyone seems to be getting in the Purim spirit. I, for one, am excited about Fusion’s “Esther’s Ball” being held at the Biltmore in downtown.  So exciting!  As a marketing technique, everyone involved is taking pics of themselves in a mask and posting them as their profile pic on facebook.  Genius (good idea, Tony)! Because I’m shameless, here are some pictures of the new products now available online at  Enjoy!   My models are super cute, just sayin’.  šŸ™‚