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DIY Painted Candle Holders Tutorial

Do you see all the beautiful pictures of parties and weddings on Pinterest and pine to put on something swank? Or perhaps you want to do something really special for a loved one like a fun and personal party, yet your wallet is telling you a different tale? Thank Heavens you ended up on my blog and it’s DIY Wednesday! Today we are going to make some painted candle holders, and they are totally cute. 🙂
I bought vases from from the dollar store ($1 each, of course), a can of white spray paint, also of a dollar, some left over yarn I had in craft supplies, and some tea light candles I had on hand. So all in all, making 6 Candle holders cost me $7. Easy, easy stuff!
What you will need:
Tall vases you can fit a votive candle in
Spray paint
Votive candles

Take the yarn and tie it once around as tight as you can with a sturdy knot. Then tightly wrap the yarn around the vase until you are satisfied with how it is going to look. Remember to leave spaces in between the yarn to give you the desired effect.

Go outside and place the vases upside down on a paint-safe surface. I used old Trader Joe’s bags. Spray paint the vases with 2 or 3 coats of paint and let dry completely.

Once the paint is dry, very gently cut the yarn and remove it strand by strand until the vase is yarn-free.

Place your votive candles inside, and you have perfectly beautiful candle holders, fit for the chicest party!

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